Coney Island Polaroids

In my half-decade of living in New York I’d never been to Coney Island. It was frankly too far for what I expected it to offer, so I never really had the urge.

Upon reconnecting last month with Lena, a photography friend from my first year at NYU, I saw the opportunity to well, proselytize. As a hardcore film lover, I have every incentive to share the medium with as many photographers as I can. More film shooters = sustained or increased demand = film doesn’t die or become ridiculously overpriced. Calculating economical motivations aside, there’s nothing quite like the experience of rediscovering photography via a jump to celluloid from digital, and I like to vicariously relive my first film experience through friends. 

I helped source Lena’s first camera, a Canonet QL17 GIII (an amazing value and great camera–I’ve shot with them fairly extensively), and to get her feet wet (proverbially and literally), we headed out for a Coney photo walk. I had my normal Leica setup on me but also brought my Polaroid 360 Land Camera with some Fuji FP-3000C B&W peel-apart film. It’s a dying breed so I try to conserve my stash. 

Here’s a sampling from the day. The one of me is by Lena, all others shot myself and scanned on an Epson Perfection V600. Be sure to check out Lena’s site:


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